Covid-19 Information

The club is facing numerous challenges due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but we remain committed to running shooting sessions and social events. In order to satisfy social distancing requirements, the club will require members to book in advance of each session, and unfortunately we will not be able to accept those who simply show up on the day. An online booking form will be circulated to our members by email. You will be notified if your space is confirmed, and we'll also let you know if we are overbooked and are not able to offer a space.

Our shooting procedures have also been modified, and members will be required to sign and hand in a new safety form alongside the usual membership and safety form before shooting. Please consult the contents of this form closely before signing.

These new rules are based on guidance from Archery GB, and may be subject to change if Covid-19 transmission rates improve or worsen in England. The club has prepared an overview document that concisely details what we expect from our members. Please read this before attending any of our shoots.

As the club was forced to stop shooting throughout the month of November 2020, we were unable to continue our regular shooting sessions and beginners' course. To account for this, the beginners' course will resume in Lent term at the usual times. In addition, any equipment rentals during Michaelmas term have been extended until the end of Lent term.

Though there are no current plans for in-person social events, the club is running a Discord server, and will regularly host chats and games nights over webcam. If you're interested in joining, please contact our social secretary.