Development Scheme

Want to take your archery to the podium? Want to make the jump from having archery as a hobby to excelling as an athlete? Perhaps you were a novice last year and wish to keep improving with structured training like on the novice squad.

For those wishing to make a real effort towards competitive archery and achieve as much as they can, the club runs a development programme. The scheme focuses on a number of key areas that are useful for sporting success in archery: regular training, to practice your shooting; coaching, to develop your technique; strength and fitness, to increase your strength and prevent injury; and competition preparation, essential for performing on the field of play. CUB already provides access to activities to work on these aspects for all members, the development scheme merely brings them all together in to a structured framework for those who wish to dedicate the time to becoming the best archer they can be.

To attain the key areas outlined above development archers are expected to:

  • Shoot regularly, at least once a week, ideally more frequently.
  • Score at least one round every fortnight and submit it to archr.
  • Sign up regularly to attend competitions where possible.
  • Attend the club’s weekly strength and conditioning sessions.
  • Attend the development coaching session once per month.

In addition to this archers are expected to work hard to improve their shooting, with additional training exercises or routines outside of the planned session times where possible, and work hard as part of a team and encourage all other members in order to improve CUB’s competitive performance.

Support will also be provided internally to help archers develop effective training practices, provide structure to training sessions, and try and assist with any individual problems.

If you would like to take part in the development scheme or would like to know more please email us or ask at a training session.


I am a beginner/novice, can I take part?

Of course, the scheme is open to anyone who wants to dedicate the time to improve, no matter what your current level of ability. The only requirements are wanting to be the best you can and being prepared to put in the work to get there.

I don’t have the time for all of this, does that mean I can only shoot on a Friday?

Not at all. As described above, the elements of the development scheme are all already available to all CUB members, this just brings them together in to a structured framework for those wishing to dedicate their time to the sport. Any member can attend any open session.

I have saturday Lectures and can’t make some competitions, can I join?

Of course. We acknowledge that Cambridge is principally a place of education, and whilst those who participate in sport tend to have improved academic performance we do not want to take you away from your lectures. Provided you let us know in advance and sign up whenever you can you can still participate.

I am ill and can’t make a session, will I be removed?

No. If you cannot attend a session for some reason (illness or away at a conference etc.) please let us know in advance but it is not a problem. Members should be present for at least 75% of sessions.

I really want to become the best I can but I am away from Cambridge at times or there are other complications. What can I do?

The development scheme is all about assisting archers to achieve their sporting ambitions. If you have any unusual circumstances but would like to take part and become the best archer you can please let us know and we will try and accommodate you.

I want to be an Olympic archer, but don’t have time for all of this. What do I do?

That is perfectly understandable and OK. Cambridge has a diverse range of people with a wide range of interests. If archery is just one of your many activities and you see it as a hobby that is absolutely fine. We are both fortunate and challenged in that we are a club that caters for both those who want to participate in a relaxed activity and make friends all the way up to those representing the university at the highest levels of sport. If you don’t want to commit to this level of training at present we would still encourage you to do as much as you feel you can to work at your shooting. If it hasn’t already been made clear above, sessions can be attended by any members of CUB of any level of ability.