The Constitution

  1. The name of the society shall be Cambridge University Bowmen, hereinafter referred to as CUB or the Club.

  2. The object of the Club shall be to foster the interest in, and promote the practice of archery in the University.

  3. Membership of the Club shall be extended to all current members of the University and any others who may apply to the committee. There shall be an annual fee for membership, which shall be fixed by the committee. The committee may levy a higher fee for members who are not students of Cambridge University. The committee shall have the right to offer honorary membership (free) to anyone it sees fit. It shall not refuse an application for membership on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or political views. It may, however, expel any member for behaviour likely to bring the club into disrepute, or for disregard of the Club Safety Guidelines. All members of the club shall have full voting rights at Club meetings.

    Written notice will be provided to any member subject to expulsion within 7 days of a complaint/decision. In the case of serious misconduct, the Club Executive Committee (Captain, Secretary, and Junior Treasurer), in consultation with the Senior Treasurer, may suspend a member pending the outcome of an investigation. Complaints against members of the Executive Committee should be made directly to the Senior Treasurer. The expelled or suspended member has the right to represent themselves at a committee meeting held within a fortnight of the expulsion. In the event of an expulsion, the excluded member is required to return all equipment, documents and finances belonging to the Club within 7 days. They will not be entitled to any refund of club fees. Any member who has been excluded or suspended may appeal the decision. The appeal should be made to the Sports Club Registration Sub-Committee which will assess the appeal in consultation with the Club's Senior Treasurer. University members subject to disciplinary action have the right to lodge a further formal complaint with the University.

  4. All members of the Club will be affiliated to Archery GB (formerly GNAS) or an equivalent governing body for archery. The Club shall make provision for members to affiliate to relevant regional and county associations.

  5. All members shall accept the jurisdiction of the Club and shall conform to such conditions, shooting rules and regulations as may be determined by the committee.

  6. The shooting regulations as prescribed in the Archery GB Rules of Shooting, or where appropriate, those of World Archery (WA, formerly FITA) shall be accepted as governing the relevant branches of the sport of archery as practised by the Club and its members.

  7. The Club shall be affiliated to National, Regional and County Associations as a university club named Cambridge University Bowmen.

  8. Archery GB-affiliated non-Club members may shoot with the Club at the discretion of the committee, having paid a target fee.

  9. An Annual General Meeting shall be held during the academic year within term time including May Week. The time and venue of this meeting will be determined and publicised by the committee at least 14 days in advance. When necessary, an extraordinary general meeting will be convened by the committee with 14 days notice. Prior to all general meetings notice of the agenda shall be sent out at least one week before the meeting.

  10. The committee shall be elected at the AGM. Nominations for the committee must be submitted to the returning officer at least a fortnight before the AGM. If there are no nominations received for a post then nominations may be submitted at the AGM. Anyone nominated for a committee post must be proposed and seonded by two other members of the Club, except where outlined below. There may be hustings at the AGM. Votes shall be counted by two persons chosen at the AGM and who are not candidates for committee posts. The election and count shall be conducted using the Single Transferable Vote system. Voting by proxy and postal voting is allowed provided written evidence is provided to the returning officer and those counting the votes. Members cannot hold more than one proxy vote each. Postal votes should be submitted at least 24 hours before the AGM.

  11. The Club shall be directed by a committee, in accordance with Club Guidelines, which consists of the officers of the Club. Only those who have been members of the Club are eligible to run for committee posts. The posts of Captain, Secretary and Junior Treasurer must be held by students of Cambridge University for the year in which they will serve. The committee may at its discretion co-opt additional members to itself where it perceives the need, or to fill vacancies that may arise. Should any member of the committee feel incapable of carrying out his duties, he must resign his position. The committee shall consist of: The other committee posts of Records Officer, Tournaments Officer, Women's Officer, Website and Publicity Officer, Social Secretary, and Alumni Liaison Officer may be combined with any of the posts listed above, or taken up by a separate individual. The committee will also co-opt a willing member(s) of the club to fulfill the role of welfare officer in the week following the AGM. The club welfare officer cannot be any of captain, secretary, or treasurer.

  12. A Senior Treasurer shall be appointed by the committee each year to audit the Club's accounts and shall be a member of the Regent House, or some other person approved by the Junior Proctor. The Senior Treasurer shall not be liable for any financial debt or other obligation of the Club, unless the Senior Treasurer has personally authorised such a debt in writing.

  13. This Constitution may only be amended at an AGM, or at a general meeting specifically called for that purpose. No vote at a general meeting shall be valid unless a quorum is present.

  14. A quorum shall consist of 1/3 or 10 of the subscribing members of the Club, whichever is the smaller.

  15. On dissolution, all debts shall be cleared with any remaining funds of the Club. Any assets remaining after all liabilities have been met shall become the property of the University and shall be transferred to the Sports Service to benefit other university clubs with an interest in archery.