The committee are always keen to keep in contact with previous members, and we have a dedicated alumni officer to help us with this. We are always keen to hear from our alumni, so please write to us, either by email or by post to one of the committee members at their college. Contact details can be found on the committee page.

A full history (or as much as recent members can piece together) can be found on the history page. If you can help fill in any of the blanks, please get in touch. There are also photos dating back to 1998 on our photographs page.

Finally, though it hardly needs saying, if you are ever around Cambridge please let us know and come along to shoot or visit.

Mailing List and Newsletter

We have an alumni mailing list which is used to send around a termly newsletter. Please contact either the alumni officer or the webmaster if you would like to be added to this. Recent press articles about the club can be found in the archive section of the website, and all the latest news can be read on the news page.

Cambridge University Alumni

Our alumni club, CUA, is open to any former members of CUB and serves as a means of Archery GB affliation and to assist CUB wherever possible. Alumni who are members of other clubs are welcome to join CUA in addition to another regular club, usually doing so in order to retain links with CUB. The present secretary of the club is Stuart Fraser. If you would be interested in joining, affiliating, or shooting please contact either Stuart or a member of the CUB Committee who will pass on your details.


There are a number of events throughout the year that aim to keep up the links between the club and it's alumni, however recent or ancient!

  • Annual Dinner - Alumni are always welcome to the annual dinner, and indeed we are always delighted to see five or so back each year. Details will be sent to the alumni mailing list, so please reply or get in contact if you wish to attend. We would love to see you there.
  • CUB vs. CUA Tournament - Each year alumni are invited back to shoot against existing members in the CUB vs. CUA tournament. Details of this will be publicised via the alumni mailing list. Please let the alumni officer know if you wish to shoot.
  • Alumni Dinner - During the year we try to organise an event for the alumni to come back and dine in one of the colleges and meet other alumni and a few of the current committee. Details about this event will be circulated via the mailing list, so keep a look out if you are interested.