Want to compete against other universities? Interesting in joining a sport along side other Cambridge colleges? Want to use an upgraded and nicer bow to take your shooting to competitive level? The novice squad might be just right for you. We travel around to various archery competitions across the UK, feud with those Oxford rascals, and train together to create the best Cambridge mixed squad we can. You are only considered a ‘novice’ for your first year of shooting, so the novice squad presents an ideal opportunity to compete in fun and friendly events as a total beginner, but with the coaching, training, and support to take home medals and prizes.


What is the Novice Squad?

The novice squad is for beginners who want to develop their archery to a competitive level. We offer additional coaching beyond that provided by the beginner's course, as well as exclusive shooting sessions and the opportunity to rent a higher quality bow from the club.

We are looking for enthusiastic beginners who are willing to put in the extra effort to represent their university at competitions, who want to learn and improve, and who want to be part of a team. We don't expect you to shoot like an expert right away; only that you will be enthusiastic to start your archery journey.

What do you put in?

Being on the novice squad requires a time commitment of at least two evenings a week, as well as occasional weekends for competitions. Coaching of the novice squad takes place on Wednesday mornings from 7-9am at the University Sports Centre and you can practice at Friday evening club sessions.

It is expected that you will attend every Wednesday session for coaching, and at least one other session for practice, as well as attending Strength and Conditioning training on Thursday mornings (or providing a workout log equivalent to the session). You are also expected to be available to shoot for the club at competitions as a novice.

What do you get out of it?

Being part of the novice squad connects you directly to the great Cambridge sporting tradition. You will get to wear the University colours and represent us at national-level competitions. You will make friends with archers across Cambridge, meet archers from other universities all over the country, take home medals, attend award dinners, grudge match with Oxford, and simply hang out with the club at any of our social events. All and all, being on the novice squad is truly a quintessential Cambridge experience.

If you are interested, please contact the Novice Officer, who will be making the selection and running the course. There will be a chance to ask any questions, find out more, and register your interest after the have-a-go sessions.