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BUTTS Non-Recurve 2019
02-11-2019Yuhang Xie

On Saturday the 2nd of November, a team of five CUB members was assembled for the legendary Banter Bowstyle Bonanza (non-recurve BUTTS champs) which comprised of a seeding Portsmouth round and a Head to Head round. Of the five, Kimberly Callaghan, Liam Pattinson, Yuhang Xie and Eleanor Brug competed in the barebow category and Andrew Browne competed in the longbow category.

The competition began with the Portsmouth round with the team finding overall success (despite some equipment failures along the way) with Kimberly and Andrew earning silver medals in lady barebow and gent longbow categories respectively. Liam came 4th in the gent barebow category, narrowly missing out a medal by 4 points. Eleanor took off her sight and competed in the lady barebow category, earning herself 4th place despite only getting sight marks in the Halloween shoot the day before. Clearly shooting at pumpkins and haunted houses made all the difference!

After a short break, the Head to Head round began with Birmingham University performing what could only be described as a war chant. However, the team was unfazed and continued to battle for the top places. Tension could be felt in the air as many head to heads came down to the last end. Just a few arrows could decide the fate of the competition. A brief respite from adrenaline was had when an archer was injured with a nosebleed. It was an unfortunate accident, but it was also a refreshing break to breathe, rethink and refocus.

Despite the fierce competition, Kimberly earned a bronze medal in ladies barebow; Andrew came 2nd in the longbow category and Liam came 4th in gents barebow. A special mention must be given to Chris Guerin, who is a CUB alumnus, earning bronze in gent compound Portsmouth and gold in Head to Heads. Despite shooting for Birmingham University, where he is doing his PhD, the team cheered for him (we're sure his success was due to his time in CUB anyway).

The team drove home to the music of Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony, ready to rest for whatever may be coming next! (Spoilers: teaching the beginners course the next day).

The results can be found at: https://www.tamlynscore.co.uk/tournaments/butts-non-recurve-2019/results

Trophies and a Master Bowman at Jolly's Autumn Shoot
15-09-2019Jack Atkinson

On Sunday the 15th of September club members Kimberley Callaghan and Jack Atkinson attended Jolly Archers' Autumn Shoot comprising of York, Hereford, and Bristol rounds.

Unusually hot for mid-September, the temperatures were relentless with little breeze or shade to provide any reprieve. This made it a particularly draining day for all archers with plenty of fluids, suncream, and umbrellas needed. It certainly made a change to last year when 100 yards was barely visible through the mist!

Despite the heat there were strong performances from Kimberley and Jack, both beating friendly rivals to first place and claiming trophies for their efforts. Kimberley put in a storming performance in ladies' barebow to secure victory by nearly 300 points over second place!

It was a particularly good day for Jack as, in addition to a trophy and claiming his 1200 Rose, he also claimed his final Master Bowman score of the season (the third in just nine days!). This is a big achievement and the paperwork now needs to be sent off to ArcheryGB for ratification and a nice shiny badge.

Both archers are now gearing up to shoot for the county, alongside other CUB members, at the Cambridgeshire vs. Essex match next weekend.

Results of the shoot can be found online here: http://www.jollyarchers.org.uk/bin/page.php?extra=downloads

EFAA National Outdoor Championships
01-09-2019Jack Atkinson

On the weekend of 31 Aug - 1 Sept CUB's Jack Atkinson attended the EFAA National Outdoor Championships held at Kings Forest Bowmen in Sussex.

Beautiful scenery was complemented by lovely weather on both days, with the last gasps of summer resulting in the suncream being broken out - despite the Met Office updating their app to 'Autumn' over the weekend!

Saturday saw all archers shooting a Hunter round (white spots on a black face at a variety of distances) with Jack finishing an agonising 1 point off a Senior Field Master score. There was some reprieve, however, as he was able to finally claim his Grand Field Master classification which was awarded at the end of the weekend.

Waking up to do it all again on Sunday the archers moved to a different course, newly constructed this year, for a Field round. This took them in and out the woods with a number of challenging shots featuring inclines and heavily dappled lighting. A shake up in groups saw a more pressured day with less friendly target companions, but Jack improved upon the previous day to move a few places up the rankings and finish in 8th in the AMFU class. He also achieved his first Senior Field Master score.

Hopefully this gives some insight into alternative forms of archery and what members get up to off the sports field. If you are interested in finding out more about field please feel free to ask - it's great fun.

Full results can be found here: https://efaafieldarcher.com/tournaments/results/

CUB Alumni Shoot
24-08-2019Nancy Chen

On a lovely sunny day, four alumni and three student archers gathered at Churchill field, and shot a national round. It was a relaxing shoot with many breaks, and an informal head-to-head to end the match. It was the alumni archers that proudly defeated the students. The shoot ended with ice cream and good chats - definitely the highlight of the afternoon.

After an intermission at Maypoles, in the evening, twelve of us gathered at the atmospheric Cote de Brasserie, and enjoyed a lovely meal together, with plenty of bread and wine. It was an educational experience hearing from the alumni archers how the club functioned in the past, and how they practised archery. All in all, the alumni shoot 2019 ended on a happy note.

Jolly Archer's 57th Anniversary Western Shoot
28-07-2019Sam Kitson-Platt
On the 28th July, archers from CUB braved the elements (and the A14 roadworks) to attend the anniversary shoot at local club, the Jolly Archers. Despite the unseasonally bad weather, Cass, Sam and Robert heroically persevered through driving rain to shoot a full western, consisting of 4 dozen arrows each at 60 yards and 50 yards. Despite adverse conditions, the day was a success, with Cass taking bronze in the ladies recurve category, and the team scooped up the silver medal in the recurve team category. The total score of 1919 points meant that we comfortably beat local rivals, Cambridge City Bowmen, in our first encounter since the last western round at the annual Town v Gown match. After drying off in the clubhouse, we stayed for the raffle and results before heading back home. Overall an enjoyable but thoroughly soaking day!