Advice for Transgender and Non-Binary Archers


CUB enthusiastically welcomes all archers regardless of gender and/or sexuality! However, upon joining the club, all of our archers are affiliated with Archery GB who require us to specify ‘male’ or ‘female’ for each individual. Archery GB are our national governing body, and all archers must be registered with them in order to be able to shoot with any UK club.

We recognise that these binary options do not suit everyone and are not inclusive of all genders. We encourage you to choose whichever option you feel most comfortable with when registering. As a club we make a commitment to be respectful of your affirmed gender identity, name and pronouns; our internal club records include a non-binary option, and a place to specify the pronouns you prefer.


At competitions, archery is historically divided into male and female categories, and this remains true of the university competitions. If you wish to compete for the club, you will compete in the gender category under which you’re registered with Archery GB.

University competitions follow the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) General Regulations. Under REG 4.3 transgender athletes should be included on the basis of the gender with which they identify. In mixed categories, transgender archers should compete as their affirmed gender. When competing in non-mixed competitions, transgender and nonbinary archers may compete in either the male of female categories based on broad designations:

  • Trans male and AFAB nonbinary archers who are not on hormone therapy may participate in either the male or female categories (but not both). (REG
  • Trans female and AMAB nonbinary archers who are not on hormone therapy may compete only in male competitions. (REG
  • Trans male and AFAB nonbinary archers who have received testosterone may compete in male competitions, but not in female ones. (REG
  • Trans female and AMAB nonbinary archers cannot compete in female categories until they have been on testosterone-suppressing hormone therapy for over a year. (REG

If you have any questions, concerns, or feel uncomfortable about this, please feel free to discuss this with either the welfare officers or anyone on the committee.