Tournaments and Leagues

Cambridge University Bowmen compete in a number of events throughout the year, and have enjoyed a high level of success on both the university and the open circuit. Most of these tournaments are listed and described below.


With records dating back to 1950, where Cambridge won the first competition between the two universities, the annual Varsity match between Oxford and Cambridge is one of the highlights of the year.

The competition alternates venue each year between the two universities, being held on the backs of St. John's College in Cambridge and on Christchurch Meadow in Oxford. Gentlemen shoot an Albion whilst ladies shoot a Windsor, and the final team is made up of the top four scoring archers including one of each gender. The highest scoring team is awarded the Rose Bowl, with the novice plate being awarded to the top team of three archers in the novice category. In addition to this, members of the experienced team who also shoot a first class score are elegible for a Half Blue.

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BUTTS League

Established in 1995, the BUTTS League was formed when a group of archers from what was then Birmingham University Toxophily and Toucan Society (BUTTS) decided to organise the local clubs in to a league. The league originally consisted of Birmingham, Loughborough, Nottingham, Oxford, Warwick, and Cambridge but was expanded in 2007 to include Derby and Nottingham Trent.

All the members compete for the BUTTS Challenge trophy over the course of four legs and a grand final. The legs are split in two, with each university hosting four of the others to shoot a Portsmouth round. The final sees all the universities come together for one large tournament, and is followed by the BUTTS ball.

The 2015/2016 season marked an exciting development in the league, with four new universities joining to form a second division.

As well as the indoor league, BUTTS hosts a number of other events throughout the year including the Ultimate Archer contest, a field championships and an outdoor championships.

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BUCS, standing for British Universities and Colleges Sport, is a national organisation that oversees sport in higher education. BUCS archery consists of two events each year, the indoor and outdoor championships, with records for both dating back to 1980. The top three archers of each gender from each club make up the two teams that compete for the BUCS trophies, with a mixed gender novice team competing for the novice cup.

The indoor championships is one of, if not the, biggest events held by BUCS each year, and sees 700 archers descending upon the International Centre in Telford to shoot a Portsmouth round.

The outdoor championships is held at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, the home of ArcheryGB. Traditionally a FITA/WA1440 round, 2013 saw the introduction of a second day to the event featuring a head-to-head competition.

To find out more please visit the BUCS archery website, or UKSAA.

Town vs. Gown

The Town vs. Gown is a competition held between Cambridge University Bowmen and the local town club City of Cambridge Bowmen.

A traditional competition in a number of cambridge sports, it sees the two 'rival' sides of the town's occupants come together to battle it out on the sports field.

The Town vs. Gown trophy dates back to 1950, but it was lost around 2003 and the competition ceased to be held. The trophy was then returned to the committee in 2016/2017 and the captain at the time, Jack Atkinson, decided to reinstate the competition as an annual event after contacting CCB. This is a relaxed competition shooting a Western round, and provides a good opportunity to get to know other members of the sport from the local area. The teams are made up of the top four recurve scores on the day, though anyone is welcome to shoot.


BUTC is a competition like no other. Established in 2003 and hosted by a different university each year, it uses the Beiter hit and miss system for a high-paced, exciting tournament.

Each university is allowed a team of three archers who shoot a Bray seeding round. This is then followed by the main event - a series of team head-to-heads using the unique Beiter hit and miss system. Following the death of Werner Beiter in 2014, the BUTC trophy was re-named the Werner Beiter Trophy in recognition of one of the greatest legends of the sport and his long-standing support for the competition since its foundation.

To find out more please visit the UKSAA BUTC website.


Run by an alumnus of CUB, Ian Caulfield, the british universities archery e-league allows all british universities to upload their best Portsmouth scores each month during the indoor season. Teams of four are formed from the best archers at the end of each month, alongside the individual results, to provide a ranking, and the points gained during the season are added up to give an overall leaderboard at the end of the season.

As for all competitions in archery, there are seperate categories for experienced and novice archers.

To find out more please visit the E-League website.

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External Competitions

As well as competing in university competitions, a number of our members also shoot at external open competitions around Cambridgeshire, the East Midlands and Southern Counties, and sometimes even further afield. Though some of these competitions may be publicised on our website, the best way to find them is to visit the website of your local archery association or speak to other club members.