CUB has an active coaching structure as detailed below. If you are relatively new to the sport, with a question about anything from technique through to equipment, feel free to ask an experienced member for assistance or fill in the form below to contact the internal club coaches for advice and to arrange a time for help.

For those who require coaching to a higher level and in more depth we have two county level coaches who provide coaching sessions. More information below.

Finally, we endeavour to run one-off coaching events such as pre-term training camps, equipment selection and maintainence sessions and psychology and fitness. Some more information about these is below, but they will be publicised via email to club members.


Internal Club Coaching

The club has a number of very experienced archers who are knowledgable about the sport, friendly, and happy to help. Normal ettiquette in archery is not to comment on another person's shooting or form, as this can put them off or cause psychological problems; instead archers are expected to seek advice if they feel they need it.

If you have a question about anything, from technique to tuning, please fill in the form below to contact our experienced members for advice and arrange a time for them to help you.

Please include details such as whether you are a novice or experienced, how long you have shot, when you are available for help etc. as well as what you want help with.

If you are an experienced member willing to volunteer a small amount of your time to reply to emails and help out others at shooting sessions and would like to join the internal coaching network, please email the webmaster or captain.

External Coaching

We currently have two county coaches from Peacock Archery working with us to provide higher level coaching for more experiencesd archers who wish to progress further beyond shooting recreationally. Sessions currently take place in Lent term at the rifle range on Wednesday evenings. We charge members some of the coaching fee to cover costs, but it represents good value compared to the outside world. If you are interested in receiving coaching and want to find out more or sign up for a session please email the captain to find out more.
For summer 2019 coaching sessions, please fill out this form.

Philip Watson
Philip Watson

Cambridgeshire County Coach and performance development director. Cambridgeshire coach of the year 2014 and Archery GB OnTarget club person of the year 2013.

Mary Watson
Mary Watson

Cambridgeshire County Coach and County Coaching Organiser.

Other Events

The club also runs other coaching events for members such as equipment selection, tuning, and maitainence sessions; trips to our local archery shop, Clickers; fitness and strength and conditioning sessions; and pre-term training weekends. These will be publicised to members when thay are arranged by email, on the homepage, and on social media.