Experienced Archers


If you shoot regularly and have just arrived in Cambridge, or are dusting off your kit and hoping to start again, please get in touch with either the captain or committee and let us know a bit about yourself. We will arrange for you to come down to one of our regular shooting sessions so that we can see you shoot and discuss more about the club. We are open to both students and staff of the University of Cambridge as well as other students at other universities (e.g. Anglia Ruskin).

If you intend to join the club, you will need to fill out the membership form, which may be found by clicking here, and the safety form, found by clicking here, and give them to a committee member at one of the shooting sessions.

You may also wish to sign up to our mailing list, soc-cub-members by clicking here. This will be used to publish general club news as well as session times and other important information throughout year.

Club Fees

The club charges fees for insurance, the maintainance of equipment, competitions and other running of the club.

Membership Fees

Basic club membership fees include affiliation to: ArcheryGB, the national governing body; Cambridgeshire Archery Association (CAA); and the Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS). This includes all the required insurance and allows you to shoot at any of the sessions at the University Sports Centre or Churchill College.

The club fees for this year are as follows:

  • Cambridge University students - £60
  • Anglia Ruskin students and non-students - £80

Range Fees

Experienced members are also allowed to shoot at the Elizabeth Way Rifle Range provided they are above a certain standard. Use of this venue has an additional cost associated with it paid to Cambridgeshire Shooting Association (CSA) who maintain it. If you would like to shoot at the range, please speak to a member of the committee.

Range fees for this year are as follows:

  • Cambridge University students - £27.50
  • Anglia Ruskin students and non-students - £55


Affiliation for non-students

If you are not a student (staff members or postdoctoral researchers) then you cannot be affiliated to Archery GB under our system, and will instead be required to affiliate either directly or through another club. Information about affiliating direct can be found here (ArcheryGB Membership Services). Most often this is done through through Cambridge University Alumni (CUA) (Please contact CUA or the club Alumni Officer to find out more).


We regularly compete in a number of events throughout the year at a club, regional and national level. All members of the club are welcome to come along for these. The club covers the cost of entry fees, but there is usually a small cost in order to cover transport costs.