Equipment Rental

Bow loan

Are you coming to Cambridge but don’t own your own equipment? Perhaps you completed your beginners’ course but don't want to purchase a bow yet. Maybe your bow is in a different country and you want something to shoot whilst you are here.

For those who shoot at the sports centre or Churchill the club has a number of basic recurve bows with sights that we use on our beginners course. Any club members are welcome to borrow these on club nights to shoot with as part of being a club member.

If you wish to shoot something more advanced however, that you can use in competitions, at other venues and over the vacation, CUB has a selection of recurve bows with accessories that we rent out on a termly basis. If you are interested in this please email the equipment officer to arrange something.

Bow loan

Rental costs £20 per term and requires a £50 refundable deposit at the start of the rental period. We prefer the deposit to be in the form of an uncashed cheque so that the money never has to leave your account though alternatives are available. The rental agreement form can be found here and will be completed by the equipment officer at the time of loan. If there are any queries about the scheme or you wish for more information please get in touch with the equipment officer as detailed above.