CUB get their BUTTS kicked at Nottingham Trent
A rather sparse team of CUB archers made their way to Nottingham Trent on the 21st of November to shoot a Portsmouth in the second BUTTS leg competing against NTU, Nottingham and Oxford. Only 5 experienced archers and 3 novices made the trip to Robin Hood country.

Lydia Sinnett-Smith put in another good performance to take silver in the ladies' recurve competition in both the NTU and combined leg standings, again just behind Charlie Birch of Oxford. Antonio Rubino put in a strong performance to again take gold in the gent's novice recurve category with Alastair Houston making it a Cambridge 1-2. They each took 1st and 3rd place in the combined results.

The senior team of Lydia Sinnett-Smith, Jack Atkinson, Antonio Rubino and Liam Pattinson came 7th in the overall standings, well clear of Derby in 8th, whilst the novices, lacking a fourth team member came 8th overall.

In the overall standings the seniors are now 7th (though tied in 6th on leg points with NTU) and the novices fall from 2nd to 5th.

We hope to regroup over the vacation before many more competitions next term, hopefully fielding larger teams with a true reflection of our abilities. The overall standings haven't developed too much of a points gap yet, so watch this space.
Full results can be found here: BUTTS Results.
BUTTS is Back! - Oxford
BUTTS 2015-16 kicked off at Oxford on the 15th of November for CUB who were shooting with the hosts, Derby, and Birmingham with the other teams competing in Nottingham. 13 archers from CUB made the trip, 9 seniors and 4 of our new novices. Notable performances came from Lydia Sinnett-Smith (2nd Ladies' Recurve), Rob Littlechild (3rd Gent's Recurve) and Antonio Rubino (1st Novice Gent's Recurve).

The results for the combined leg saw Lydia and Antonio retain their standings, whilst strong male recurve performances at Nottingham saw Rob fall to 9th.

As for the teams, the Seniors, consisting of Lydia Sinnett-Smith, Rob Littlechild, Jack Atkinson and Nancy Chen came 6th, whilst a strong performance from all 4 novices, Antonio Rubino, Alastair Houston, Daniel Kang and Miguel Santos Silva, placed them 2nd behind Birmingham.

Congratulations to all who shot. Full results can be found here: BUTTS Results.
Thanks to Antonio for providing the photo.
Clare win Cuppers 2015
Cuppers 2015 took place on a beatiful afternoon in May Week. Qualification rounds saw Clare, Fitz, Girton, and Peterhouse ranked before head-to-heads.Clare soared through their early matches before coming up against defending chapmions Fitz in a close final that saw Rob and Nancy take the trophy. A fantastic afternoon for all and congratulations to Clare.
BUCS Outdoor Championships 2015
A fantastic weekend for Cambridge, the experienced ladies team took silver, whilst the experienced gentlemen finished in 9th. Congratulations to Maryia Karpiyevich who took the experienced ladies' recurve individual gold.
Sunday's head-to-head was again filled with success, with Lydia Sinnett-Smith taking silver in the ladies recurve category.
County Champions 2014
Congratulations to Maryia Karpiyevich, Tak Ho and Richard Whiter for becoming County Team Champions of Cambridgshire for both indoors and outdoors 2014. Maryia and Tak got Silver in their catagories and Richard obtained bronze. A further well done to Maryia for beating the CUB record on the WA1440 with a master bowman score of 1184.