BUTTS Team Championships
Our first team was composed of Tak Ho, Maryia Karpiyevich and Jack Atkinson and the second team of Heather Reynolds, Joe Glover and Eleanor Brug. Each archer shot a bray round (30 arrows at a 40cm target from 20 yards). From this, our first team ranked 10th out of 16 and our second team ranked 14th. Following on from this was a head-to-head knock-out shoot where the archers were shooting at 6cm discs from 20 yards away with a hit-or-miss (all-or-nothing) scoring system. Unfortunately, both teams came up against strong opponents and were knocked out with our first team losing 10-7 to Warwick and our second team losing 17-9 to Loughborough. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed the shoot and are looking forward to our next competition in Oxford on Sunday 10th November.
BUCS Outdoor Championships 2013
A successful weekend for Cambridge with a team consisting of Maryia Karpiyevich, Richard Whiter, Jack Atkinson and Tak Ho for the senior team. The team came 7th overall out of 34 university teams. Congratulations to Maryia Karpiyevich who obtained a silver metal in the Fita round and a Bronze in the head to head.